No Offence


No Offence No Offence No Offence No Offence No Offence No Offence No Offence No Offence No Offence No Offence No Offence No Offence

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Emily Pink VR is just a normal girl with normal needs. That means she sometimes gets really horny and is glad to have a boyfriend in her life. Her problem is that her boyfriend is more interested in spending time under his VR headset than in giving his girl the good dick she craves. He even blows her off when she sits in his lap and flashes him her perfect tits. When her step brother arrives to play games with her boyfriend, Emily decides it is time for drastic measures. If her man won't give her attention when she asks, maybe she can make him jealous by teasing her own step brother right in front of him. She is shocked when her step brother goes along with it and actually takes out his cock. By the time her boyfriend takes off his headset, she is greedily giving head. Instead of being angry, he wants to join the fun. Realizing the power she has, Emily denies him, but makes him watch. He had his chance, but blew it. To make things worse, she asks her step brother to put his cock in her ass. Emily knows that her boyfriend has been dying for some anal sex, but instead has to watch as another guy gets that VR porn pleasure. She is surprised at how good it feels and takes every inch in her tight little hole. Seeing her boyfriend so upset at what he is missing is turning her on even more. This is what he gets for ignoring her. She is cumming so hard on his dick that she doesn't notice him moaning until he has shot a huge load into her butthole. Her man can play any games he wants now. Emily has something better going on.


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