Tiffany Watson in “My Sister’s Hot Friend”


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It's been a long time since David and his sister's hot-as-fuck friend, Tiffany Watson, have seen each other. He stops by her hotel to pick her up since she's in town. Tiffany isn't quite ready yet -- she still needs to take her bubble bath! She invites David inside to wait for her to finish but she's obviously got ulterior motives. Tiffany wants a good pussy pounding before a night out with her friend.Your sister needs you to pick up her friend, Tiffany Watson, that's in town. You remember her as the hot, wild blonde. Tiffany remembers you and is impressed how you've grown up to be so handsome. She invites you inside her hotel room to wait while she gets ready -- but what she really wants is a good fuck before heading out!

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