Study Time – Episode 1: Barbie


Study Time – Episode 1: Barbie Study Time – Episode 1: Barbie Study Time – Episode 1: Barbie Study Time – Episode 1: Barbie

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Like so many girls at her college, Barbie Brill has a huge crush on her handsome professor. She has plenty of competition for his attention and will stop at nothing to be the one that finally gets him to go against his code of ethics and dive into some hot coed pussy. Showing up in an outfit that always gets attention, as she looks like a VR taboo movie model, she can see the conflict in your gaze. Turning up the heat she lets you see what is under her skirt and invites you to have a taste. You know you should say no, but Barbie knows that no man can resist her, especially not once your cock gets hard. Sucking it is a lot of fun, but she needs you in her horny hole. Your cock feels great, but she is even more turned on by the fact that she was the one to finally break you and make you give up that big meat. As she rides it to a loud and creamy climax, Barbie fails to see her classmate Missy Luv at the professor’s door. Overcome by jealousy, the angry coed whips out her phone and starts filming as Barbie gets on her knees and tastes for her professor’s load. As you spray her face with your jizz, Missy makes herself known, shocking them with her presence. If she shows anyone, your career at the University is over. This is exactly what you were afraid of and why you had tried to stay away from fucking students. Now you are at Missy’s mercy. Can anything be done to stop her from sharing the VR porn video and ruining your life?

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